As a woman you may have a deep longing to truly understand and connect with your own body, your own pleasure, and to discover your boundaries and how to maintain them.

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As a man you may feel misunderstood sexually. You may have a great sexual appetite, yet not know how to effectively communicate your desires to your partner(s) without feeling shame or judged. Your desire to have greater frequency of sex and/or need for variety may be met with stonewalling.

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“I felt very comfortable with Jamie, like talking with a friend. She embodied calmness, presence, clarity, company and with me 100%. I liked the fluency and the rhythm of the session. I did not feel she had a previous rigid plan or anything to stick to, but her aim was to really listen to me and from there offer me choices. I appreciated her creativity in the moment, her empathy and ability to build rapport. It was very important for me to feel that I was not alone. Everything was towards building my own empowerment and to make me more aware of what happens in my body. I felt cared for the whole time.”

Pilar, Spain

Jamie Abrams
Founder of The Academy for Intimacy

Sex, Intimacy & Embodiment Coach and Educator

Hi, I’m Jamie. I’d like to welcome you to The Academy for Intimacy. It can take a lot of courage to begin exploring an area of life that is so wrapped in taboo. I’m grateful you’ve made that leap and found your way here.

I’m a Sex, Intimacy & Embodiment Coach and Educator. I help singles and couples alike move from frustrated, sexless and lacklustre relationships to fulfilling, lasting and deeply erotically awakened relationships.


Nice things people say…

“During the session I felt Jamie understood deeply what I was talking about!! Her voice used dynamism and humour about things that felt heavy on the inside for me and it was very comforting. Her language was very invitational, nothing felt pushy or obligatory. The exercises that she offered me during the session and the questions that she asked were very adapted to my life and to my personality. I would definitely recommend her service. I feel she is a great professional in this area.”

Gran Canary

“It was a pleasure to work with Jamie, she connected with me quickly and generated a comfortable open environment that was non judgmental. She listened and asked thought provoking questions which shone the light on some of the key issues I needed to discuss. Her honesty and guidance was clear and helped rationalise and order things, she made a few of the things I was worrying about more normal. She gave me permission to handle some of my concerns in a more frank and honest manner, narrowing my focus onto things that I can and cannot change. She put me at ease and made a genuine connection allowing me to be vulnerable and to dig into some of the more uncomfortable areas I needed to resolve. I can highly recommend working with Jamie.”


“I have attended workshops presented by Jamie as well been coached personally by her. To say she is beautifully brilliant is an understatement. Jamie is a perceptive, professional and approachable facilitator and coach. Her insights have given me practical ways to connect both with myself and with others. This has added enormous value to my relationships. I feel more self aware and a sense of aliveness!”

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