A culture that says men should be aroused and hard at will, can bring humiliation and emasculation to men. This creates men who feel disconnected from their sexuality and their sexual, creative life force.

Whether your drive for sex is large or small you may also feel under pressure to perform. You must be the pin-up porn god, know exactly what your partner’s needs are and satisfy them at all times.

Discovering and stepping into your true authentic masculinity means that your partner can fully show up in her femininity. You can create the safe container for her to completely unravel and let her wild woman loose. By being firmly in your erotic masculinity you will unleash both your and her sexual superpowers.

When you’re ready to claim your full erotic, sexual self you will:

  • Understand your own unique sexual wiring
  • Learn how to effectively speak your deepest desires without fear of judgement
  • Know how to speak to your partner’s unique pleasure wiring
  • Enjoy a variety of sexual activities
  • Obtain greater sexual frequency
  • Discover a broader view of sex and sexuality
  • Release performance stress
  • Combat low libido
  • Shed sexual shame
  • Become confident in your body
  • Truly allow and have the capacity for your partner to come undone in the most glorious ways
Claim your complimentary Discovery Call
This 20 minute call is an opportunity to explore where you are on your intimate journey and looking at where you’d like to be. We will have the chance to see if we are a good fit and can share a mutually beneficial working relationship. You have nothing to lose by signing-up and everything to discover.

“Working with Jamie has helped me on many levels. From the very first call she made me feel comfortable opening up about my situation, without any shame or judgement. This was really important to me as finding someone I could communicate freely with felt key to the whole process, especially around what is such a sensitive and emotive area.

The process has helped me to really understand myself both emotionally and sexually as well as what I need and want from my partner. Jamie then helped me find the language to describe this and given me the tools to convey it to them in a way that they could understand and take on board and to help me ask and understand what they need from me. This has really helped us to regain intimacy in our relationship and to reconnect sexually with each other, something I had feared was beyond salvaging.

Having the opportunity to vocalise and talk through a lot of difficult issues with Jamie first, along with the caring guidance she provided throughout, took the fear out of approaching and tackling those same issues in my marriage. The renewed connection and open communication has really strengthened and revitalised our relationship.”

Rod - UK