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What to do when you feel disconnected from your partner

Disconnection definition*: 1. To sever or interrupt the connection of or between two things  2. To shut off the current in by removing its connection to a power source Both of these definitions of disconnection apply to what every couple experiences at various points in their relationship. These bumps are completely normal, so long as […]

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How do you ‘enroll’ your partner to ‘do the work’ with you?

The million dollar question that every relationship coach is confronted with: “How do you ‘enroll’ your partner to ‘do the work’ with you and be excited about growing in the relationship?” The Motivation to Do the Work I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post by Ken Blackman that beautifully summed up a completely different vantage […]

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3 Ideas to Rekindle Your Lockdown Romantic Relationships

Lockdown has been kryptonite to many relationships and general wellbeing. It has taken its toll on nearly every facet of our lives and unfortunately our romantic partnerships have not been immune to its powers.  Not only are more couples living on top of each other (that’s not an innuendo for something else either), there’s the […]

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You can’t make me cum and the orgasm deficit

There’s this thing called orgasm deficit. I don’t even actually like talking about it. If you can’t work out by its name what it’s about, it’s basically how in sexual encounters men tend to have more orgasms than their female partners. FIrstly, I think it is important that you know I am pro orgasm. I’d […]

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