The Relationship Dojo
6-Week Relationship Courses for Couples


When was the last time you had butterflies thinking about your partner?

When did you last have exquisite, scinitillating sex together?

How long since you felt truly connected, utterly satisfied?


Great relationships take work.

Keeping them juicy, passionate and alive is a lifelong practice.

It’s an on-going journey of exploration… one that takes courage, honesty and vulnerability.

These 3 courses take you on that journey.



Essentials of connection, communication and coming together



Going deeper together and meeting the other



Exploring unlimited pleasure, taboos and fantasy

Find out your Erotic Blueprint™

Every person has a unique pathway to pleasure.

Understanding your Erotic Blueprint™ type provides a map to your individual wiring and helps you better understand your turn-ons, needs & desires. This is the first step towards more fulfilling intimacy. 

Please note, you will be directed to Jaiya's website, the creator of the Erotic Blueprints™.

The Erotic Blueprints are trademarked intellectual property of Jaiya Inc.

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You are moments away from discovering your Erotic Potential!